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Mission Statement
Bringing parents, teachers, and outside resources together both socially and philosophically while enhancing the school experience for students, parents, and families through events that serve a significant number of students and to be a conduit for information that effects the school community and its families.

PTA Executive Board
President-Jennifer Oliva
President Elect-Kim Gehant and Kristi Lenz
Secretary/Member Coordinator-Michelle Terkoski
Treasurer-Krissy Johnson
Volunteer Coordinator-Lisa Riedesel

PTA Meeting Dates, 6:45 p.m. Media Center
PTA Meeting Notes_5_15_2012_.pdf
PTA Meeting Notes_11_13_2012.pdf
PTA Meeting Notes_1_8_2013_.pdf
PTA Meeting Notes_2_12_2013_.pdf
PTA Meeting Notes_3_12_2013_.pdf
PTA Meeting Notes_4_9_2013_draft.pdf
May 14, 2012

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