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Parent Resources

Parent and Student Handbook

Have you checked out out Parent and Student Handbook? It has the answers to the following information:

  • Attendance (Reporting an absence, Early dismissal, extended absences, emergency school closings, etc.)
  • Programs
  • Safety and Security
  • General Information (Partial list)
    • Internet Use
    • School Lunches
    • Recess
    • Field Trips
    • Dress Code
    • Etc.
  • Bloomington Public School Policy's
    • Attendence
    • Homework
    • Weapon Free
    • Hazing Prohibition 
Health and Medical Resources Website
  • Is my child well enough to go to school?
  • Immunization information
  • Influenza vaccine information
  • Head lice information
  • Healthy food choices
  • Fairview Pond Health Clinic Information
  • Help providing food, housing and medical care
District Resources:
PTA (Parent Teacher Association)