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Kids' Safari Overview

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Our Staff:
Aubrey Nelson, Youth & Family Coordinator
Bryan Pearson, Activity Leader

Kids' SAFARI (Safe, Age-appropriate, Fun Adventures in Recreation and Imagination) is a before and after school child care program that is offered at Ridgeview Elementary School. The focus of this program is on school-age childcare and enrichment opportunities designed to meet the changing needs of children and families. This is accomplished through creative learning experiences designed to increase social interaction.

The purpose of Kids' SAFARI is to lead children to discover friendship, independence and confidence through art, music, sports, drama, service and recreational activities. Children are led to discover their talents and interests and to take pride in their accomplishments. The staff and program facilitate a warm and secure environment for channeling the children's energies and meeting their individual needs. The role of Kids' SAFARI, in cooperation with home and school, is to support the development of the whole child.

Kids' SAFARI is open every school day starting at 6:30 am, and after school until 6:00 pm.

On most non-school days, Kids' SAFARI is open for a full-day program from 6:30 am - 6:00 pm and often includes off-site field trips.

How do we find out more about Kids' SAFARI?
-Stop by the Kids' SAFARI office at Ridgeview for a tour
-Visit the district Kids' SAFARI website @ for registration and account management information
-Call 952-681-6128 for additional information

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