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About Our School

Ridgeview Mission Statement
Our Mission is to create a learning environment that helps learners recognize the value of individual differences, display ethical behavior, achieve success in their work and identify their role(s) in a continually changing world, with a development of a nurturing partnership between the staff and family that enhances our caring school community.

Building Security

  • In order to ensure the safety of all Ridgeview students and staff, anyone entering the building, during school hours,  must report to the office to sign in.  Visitors must wear a visitor badge while on school premises.
  • School entrance doors are open before and after school to allow for easier flow of students, parents and staff. Once the school day begins, the second set of doors inside the main entrance vestibule is locked and access is limited to entering the main office to sign in. We know this may create some inconvenience, but we believe controlling access with greater certainty is not only proactive, but the first line of defense to keep our facility safe and secure.